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24 x 7 Emergency Helpline

Helpline team - We are in the midst of setting up a Helpline team, in the meantime, please get in touch with us on

24 x7 emergency contact number - 0425 330 555 or via our "Contact Us" page.


Key Activities :


- Till date, Sikh Sewaks has helped individuals, students, and families and is continuing to do so.

- Providing initial financial help by means of free accommodation and food.

- Helping them find a job and moving them to suitable accommodation.

- Helping them with furniture and other essential items.

- Attending to students in dire situations, like abuse or discrimination.

- Providing immediate counselling and relocation to proper accommodation.

- Assisting students who are not able to pay their fees, or are facing visa issues.

- Extending all possible support to families for issues like domestic violence & financial problems

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