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Annual Family Gurmat Camps


Sikh Sewaks Australia has been organizing Annual Gurmat Family Camps since 2010. In today’s busy world, man has lost his essence while running after materialistic worldly rat race. These Gurmat Family camps which are held during Christmas holidays, provide a platform, an opportunity, to reconnect with ourselves, to reconnect with our family and children and most importantly to connect with Guru Sahib and our Father – The Almighty.

It’s a great place to meet new people and enjoy quality time with your family. Children learn together about different aspects of Sikhi and Sikh heritage so that they feel a sense of pride and self confidence in own Sikh identity. They learn in a relaxed, but disciplined camp environment, while enjoying leisure activities.
Adults attend inspirational and group dynamic sessions. Extracurricular activities like Flying Fox and Canoeing are a big hit with all ages. .

Annual Family Gurmat Camp 2022
Camp promo video
Sikh Sewaks Annual Camp 2022
Sikh Sewaks Camp 2022
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