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Sikh Sewaks Australia (SSA) received the 2021 & 2022 HOLT Australia Day Award on Australia Day for the services provided during the Bush fires & COVID-19

The HOLT Australia Day Award is a special award that gives the community the opportunity to recognise the significant contribution that volunteers make to the community. This is indeed a proud day for us – congratulations to the whole of Sikh Sewaks Australia family that made it possible.

During Covid- 19, Sikh Sewaks Australia stepped up and provided the following services.

  • Extending financial help to students and families

  • Assisting students and families with medical bills

  • Providing groceries to families in need

  • Mental Health 

    • Providing spiritual counselling for those undergoing tough times, and assisting them in coping with mental stress, physical stress, and isolation – this was done by reaching out through our SSA network, calling, and making ourselves available to take calls (24/7) from individuals who needed to talk 

    • Online programs for adults, families, and kids

  • Daily morning meditation online sessions – via Facebook Live

  • Daily evening meditation online sessions – via Facebook Live

  • Weekly interactive sessions with kids covering a range of topics – via Zoom 

  • Weekly physical workout sessions – via Zoom

Sikh Sewaks Australia has also been providing the following services since 2010: -

  • Religious services – yearly camps, workshops, seminars, daily meditation sessions, Gurbani Santhia, religious and music classes. 

  • Welfare and community service – shelter and food services, financial assistance, counselling for domestic disputes, job networking and helpline services. 

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Sikh Sewaks Australia was interviewed by Global Sikh Achievers on their Sikhi Channel

A very Big Thank You to Sikhi Channel for giving Sikh Sewaks Australia a platform to let the world know about Sikh Sewaks Australia, our Premise of Operations, together with our Plans and Activities.

 Watch the video to find out more.



Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat Ji.

Annual Family Gurmat camp 2022 :  Camp Dates 23rd Dec - 28th Dec

Annual Bibi Bhani Ji Family Camp 2022 : Camp Dates 15th April - 18th April .


Feb 2022 - Weekly Simran Program restarts from 19th Feb 2022

June 2021 - Due to Covid 19 restrictions, Weekly Simran programs are on hold till further notice.

May 2021 - With the Grace of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the blessings of Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji, Sikh Sewaks Australia completed the 40 day Akhand Sukhmani Sahib Jaap on 15th May 2021.

To celebrarate this event, we had a special Diwan with Kirtan followed by Simran and final Ardaas by 5 Pyareh.

A Big thank you and Congratulations to the sangat that participated in this 40 Days Jaap and the sangat that attended the Bhog program.

Click on the below video to listen to the Hukamnama Sahib at Bhog





April 2021 - Due to Covid 19, we couldn't hold the Annual Gurmat Camp in Dec 2020 and we will not be able to proceed with the Bibi Bhanji Ji Annual Gurmat Camp in April 2021 either.

As per the feedback from the Sangat - that everyone is enquiring about the camps, we thought of sharing this important update

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