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Sikh Sewaks Australia (SSA) is a non-profitable organization, based in Melbourne. It was formed in 2010. This organization has been providing welfare and support services since 2010 to help the Sikh community grow – religiously, economically, and culturally, while helping Sikhs assimilate as well as become independent and good contributing Australian residents

The details have been described in the below sections.

Some of the services provided since 2010 are as follows and details of persons and dates are as per attached sheets (Names have been withheld to respect the privacy of the individuals)

  • Welfare and community service – shelter and food services, counselling for domestic disputes, job networking and helpline services. ​Shelter & Food Services

  • Helpline & Support

  • Financial & Welfare Activities

  • Religious services – yearly camps, workshops, seminars, daily meditation sessions, religious and music classes. 

Shelter and Food
  • Providing Shelter and Food to needy students and families, as well as to new immigrants and families that move to Australia.

  • Shelter for domestic violence and domestic dispute victims. 

  • Helping migrant families and students acquire rental accommodation and providing them with basic furniture/amenities and helping pay rental where needed.

Financial Assistance

Sikh Sewaks Australia has been providing Financial assistance:

  • Students – Tuition fee, rental assistance

  • Families - in Financial Crisis

  • Medical Expenses

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Accident Cases

In special circumstances, Sikh Sewaks Australia has also loaned money (with no interest whatsoever) to help individuals with their house deposits – to avert problems and avoid financial crisis.

Domestic Disputes

Sikh Sewaks Australia has also been extending support to resolve domestic disputes and to domestic violence victims. We have a 24/7 helpline service.

Families and couples are given religious and general counselling with both preventive and corrective measures. Cases that need professional and legal assistance are accordingly handed over to the appropriate persons.

Other Services
  • Job Network: SSA has a job network and job seekers are enrolled into this job network - both for odd jobs and Professionals

  • Helping and guiding students resolve Visa and PR issues

  • Providing Advise, Guidance and Seminars on Financial Planning and Property Investment 

  • Family Platform – to discuss common family issues, upbringing of children and social ills, education planning, mentoring and growth in all areas of life

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