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Inspirational Session
Sikh Sewaks Australia Camp
What We Do

Sikh Sewaks Australia has been providing the following services since 2010

  • Religious services – yearly camps, workshops, seminars, daily meditation sessions, religious and music classes. 

  • Welfare and community service – shelter and food services, financial assistance, counselling for domestic disputes, job networking and helpline services. 

These services help contribute towards the wellbeing of the overall Australian community and helps share the burden of the Australian Government towards making Australia a better place for all of us and our future generations.

The services provided by Sikh Sewaks Australia are premised upon the belief pillars of the Sikh religion:

  • Remembering God and living in gratitude.

  • Sharing your time and money with others –irrespective of colour, caste or religion

  • Praying for the wellbeing of the world and looking at humanity as one- as the children of the same one god

  • Honest living and honest earning 

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Weekly Simran Programs

Every Saturday/Sunday Naam Simran/ Kirtan programmes are held in different eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne. The Sangat gets together at each other’s house and do Kirtan and Naam Simran. Naam is The Eternal Truth and by doing Naam Simran we can realize this Eternal Truth. In the company of Sadh Sangat Mind becomes purer and heart is filled with joy, love and bliss.

Children benefit a lot from these programmes. They learn and recite Gurbani and kirtan.  It is a very good platform for them to connect with Sikhi and Sikh values. Sikh Sewaks Australia is doing Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Saroop Sewa during these programmes. All this sewa is free from beginning till end.

24 x 7 Emergency Helpline

We are in the midst of setting up a Helpline team, in the meantime , please get in touch with us on

24 x7 emergency contact number - 0425 330 555 or via our "Contact Us" page.
Key Activities :


- Till date Sikh Sewaks has helped around 30 students and is continuing to do so.

- Providing initial financial help to students by means of free accommodation and food.

- Helping them find a job and moving them to suitable accommodation.

- Helping them with furniture and other essential items.

- Attending to students in dire situations, like abuse or discrimination.

- Provide them immediate counseling and relocation to a proper accommodation.

- Assisting students who for some reason are not able to pay  their fees, or are facing visa issues.

- Extending all possible support to community for issues like domestic violence & financial problems

Gurbani Santhya & Gurmukhi Classes

Santhiya is the correct pronunciation of Gurbani , taught in the manner of how our tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted us to read the Holy Shabadh. Gurbani is an ang (limb) of Guru Ji and making a mistake while reciting Gurbani is like hurting Guru Ji.

These classes are held on Friday evenings and have different levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance) Those who don’t know Punjabi language at all, start at the beginners level and move themselves up. They are taught the fundamentals of the Gurmukhi alphabet to enable them to begin and advance in learning to "do paath", and engage in devotional reading, of Gurbani, or Sikh scriptures including taking Hukamnama and doing Sehaj Paath or Akhand Paath.   Everybody is encouraged irrespective of age to learn Shud Uchaaran (correct pronunciation) of Gurbani.

Sikh Sewaks Workshop

From time to  time we organize special workshops for benefit of sadh sangat .Some of the recent ones are Cookery classes,Learning the correct way of preparing Karaah prashaad, Buying a property to name a few.The aim of these workshops is to go beyond our routine programes , to address wider needs of the sangat, along with building a spirit of brotherhood and adding fun element in our day to day lives

Sikh Sewaks Australia Picnic
Gurmat Family Camps

Sikh Sewaks Australia has been organising Annual Gurmat Family Camps since 2010.

There are two camps held every year, the six day Annual family camp that runs during christmas holidays and Bibi Bhani family camp ,which is orgaised during Easter holidays.

In today’s busy world, man has lost his essence while running after materialistic worldly rat race. These Gurmat Family camps which are held twice a year , provide a platform, an opportunity, to reconnect with ourselves, with our family and children and most importantly to connect with our Father – The Almighty.


These camps provide a great platform to meet new people and enjoy quality time with your family.Children learn together about different aspects of Sikhi and Sikh heritage so that they feel a sense of pride and self confidence  in own Sikh identity. Learning is imparted in a relaxed,but disciplined camp environment along with fun leisure activities.For adults there are various inspirational and group dynamic sessions. Extracurricular activities like Flying Fox and canoeing are a big hit with all ages.

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Tabla Classes

Sikh Sewaks also runs fTabla classes for interested Sangat . The aim of these classes is to connect sangat with Gurbaani Guru.

Not everyone has access to professional Tabla training. Sikh Sewaks endeavors to provide tabla skills to all Sangat with the motive that sangat learns to do play tabla for the upliftment of the soul and not as a performance.

Socializing Picnics

From time to time Sikh Sewaks endeavors to bring families together by organizing day trips to different scenic locations.The aim of these fun trips is to break ice between all sangat and foster a spirit of brotherhood along with fun.Some of the places we covered in the past are mount Baw baw, Sorento beach, Emrald lake and Philip island.  More Pics

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