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Gurbani Santhya & Gurmukhi Classes

Santhiya is the correct pronunciation of Gurbani , taught in the manner of how our tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted us to read the Holy Shabadh. Gurbani is an ang (limb) of Guru Ji and making a mistake while reciting Gurbani is like hurting Guru Ji.

These classes are held on Friday evenings and have different levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance) Those who don’t know Punjabi language at all, start at the beginners level and move themselves up. They are taught the fundamentals of the Gurmukhi alphabet to enable them to begin and advance in learning to "do paath", and engage in devotional reading, of Gurbani, or Sikh scriptures including taking Hukamnama and doing Sehaj Paath or Akhand Paath. Everybody is encouraged irrespective of age to learn Shud Uchaaran (correct pronunciation) of Gurbani.

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